The Devil is a Part-Timer!

  Hataraku Maou-sama! or The Devil is a Part-Timer! as it’s called in English is an anime about Satan (Maou), an overlord in Ente-Isla who finds himself in our world along with his right-hand man- Alciel, after retreating in defeat during the war. Deciding to fit in into the new-found world as they’ve lost their […]

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Behind the Hero

    So I happen to stumble upon this show called To Be Hero. It was staring at me last night from the recommendations list on Youtube as I kill some of my time. With a thumbnail of a One Punch Man parody, I thought that I would like me some shitpost show like Pop […]

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A lot of people expected Re:Creators to be an action-heavy series only to be given a lot of dialogue throughout the show which I can agree because that’s what it looked like in the beginning. Though I’m not disappointed rather I’m pleased with what I got. Even though it played with the concept of being […]

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